Reviews of Sweet Pepper ‘Bananarama Hybrid’, ‘Costa Rican Sweet’, ‘Flavorburst’, ‘Red Delicious’, and ‘The Godfather’


Whoa, it’s March! Have you put in your final plant order yet? If you are still making some important last minute plant decisions right now (particularly about sweet peppers), I hope this post will be helpful. Last year’s biggest successes Read more ›

Introducing Gardening to Your Little One Without a Garden Part 2 – The Swedish American Museum


I’ve been wanting to post about the Swedish American Museum’s Brunk Children’s Museum of Immigration for a long time. This museum is on a much smaller and more intimate scale than Kohl’s Children’s Museum in Glenview or the DuPage Children’s Read more ›

Don’t Miss the Wonderland Express at the Chicago Botanic Garden


Visiting the Wonderland Express exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Garden has become an beloved annual holiday holiday event for my family. The amount of craftmanship and attention to detail – towards the plants material, organic structures, and train layout – Read more ›

Lincoln Park Conservatory’s 2012 Summer Tropical Show


The Lincoln Park Conservatory has been looking fantastic these days! It seems like the Conservatory (part of the Chicago Park District) is experiencing some sort of renaissance: under the right leadership, managed by exceptional curators, and maintained by excellent horticulturalists. Read more ›

Introducing a New Category of Posts: Baby Nature!


Since I’ve had my baby, it’s been inevitable that I have less time to putter alone in my balcony garden. Nevertheless, I now jump at opportunities to enjoy nature outside of the house with my favorite little companion. We’ve stumbled Read more ›