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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Remote Control

by EcoFlow
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The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Remote Control is a convenient accessory designed exclusively for the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, offering enhanced control and monitoring capabilities. This remote control provides a second screen that you can place wherever it's most convenient, allowing you to manage your DELTA Pro from a distance.

Key Features:

  • Remote Control Functionality: Get a second screen right where you need it, enabling you to control your DELTA Pro from afar. This is ideal when your DELTA Pro is set up with solar panels, at a charger, or stored in a garage, storage bay, or below deck.

  • Two Connection Options: The remote control can be connected to the DELTA Pro via Bluetooth or an ethernet cable (not included). Use Bluetooth for flexible, mobile control, or opt for a wired connection to ensure a stable and reliable link over longer distances.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: The remote control display mirrors everything shown on the DELTA Pro’s screen, including energy usage, remaining battery time, and other critical information. It also provides a convenient interface for turning on or off the AC outlets, DC outlets, or the entire unit.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Remote Control enhances the usability of your DELTA Pro by providing a versatile and convenient way to monitor and control your power station from a distance. Whether for everyday use or during specific setups, this accessory ensures you have full control over your energy management wherever you need it.


  • Monitor & Adjust Settings on DELTA Pro: Easily manage and control your DELTA Pro's settings.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection: Connect wirelessly up to 65 feet away for convenient remote access.
  • Powered Connection Options: Supports Ethernet or USB-C for a stable and direct connection.
  • Battery-Powered: Operates on three AAA batteries for reliable power.


Internal Battery Non-rechargeable AAA
USB-C Input 5V= 
Wired Connection 12V= (standard ethernet cable)
Dimensions 161.5*100.7*27mm


Owner's Manual

Manual - EcoFlow DELTA Pro