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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2

by EcoFlow
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Designed to meet contemporary energy requirements, the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 seamlessly integrates advanced features to provide reliable and efficient home energy management. This innovative system supports up to three plug-and-play inverters and accommodates up to 15 stackable 6kWh batteries, transitioning from simple backup power to comprehensive household appliance management.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Energy Source Adaptability: The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 offers a robust home power backup system with multiple energy source options. Harness solar power for eco-friendly and cost-effective energy on sunny days. In less favorable conditions, connect up to three 12kW portable gasoline generators for a consistent power supply.

  • Automatic Power Switchover: Protect your appliances and prevent food spoilage with the Smart Home Panel 2’s automatic power switchover. This feature ensures seamless transition to backup power, maintaining uninterrupted operation even when you’re not at home.

  • Cost-Effective Control: Maximize your battery reserves for future outages and daily use with the backup reserve mode. The EcoFlow app allows you to finely manage the Smart Home Panel 2, enabling features such as self-power, scheduled operations, and Time of Use (TOU) settings, effectively reducing your energy expenses.

  • Scalable and Flexible Setup: Integrate up to 15 stackable 6kWh batteries for extended energy support, tailoring the system to your specific energy needs. This scalable setup ensures that you have sufficient power for all household appliances and emergencies.

  • Comprehensive App Control: Through the EcoFlow app, you can monitor and manage your Smart Home Panel 2 from anywhere. The app provides real-time data and customizable settings, allowing you to optimize energy use and save on costs.

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 is designed to provide reliable, efficient, and scalable energy solutions for modern households. Its diverse energy source adaptability, automatic power switchover, and cost-effective control make it an essential addition to any home, ensuring you are always prepared for any power situation.


  • Seamlessly Integrated Modular Design: Blends perfectly with home decor for an unobtrusive look.
  • Two Compact Modules: Includes a battery connection box and distribution panel for efficient organization.
  • Weatherproof NEMA 3R Enclosure: Ensures durability and protection in various weather conditions.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Designed for easy and quick setup.
  • Circuit-Level Controls: Enhances efficiency by optimizing backup time for individual circuits.
  • Future-Ready Compatibility: Compatible with next-gen EcoFlow products for future upgrades.
  • Optimal Portability: Ideal for off-grid living spaces, providing flexibility and mobility.
  • Smart Home Battery Subpanel: Offers advanced control for home battery systems.
  • 20 ms Auto Switchover: Ensures rapid response during power interruptions for seamless operation.
  • EcoFlow App Control: Manage settings and monitor status remotely via the EcoFlow app.
  • Modular Design: Flexible and adaptable to meet your home's evolving energy needs.


Distribution Panel: 40.8lb
Battery Connection Box: 12lb
Distribution Panel + Battery Connection Box: 52.8lb
Distribution Panel : 25.5 × 15 × 6.7 in
Battery Connection Box: 7 × 14.4 × 5.8 in
Distribution Panel + Battery Connection Box: 32.4 × 15 × 6.7 in
Wi-Fi Supported
Buletooth Supported
Ethernet Supported
485 Communication Interface Supported (For internal debugging only)
Display LED indicator on energy storage box (grid indicator, fault indicator, power backup indicator)
Standby Power Consumption ≤5W
Altitude 2000 m
Operating Temperature –22~122°F
Storage Temperature –40~158°F
Humidity 100%
Protection Level Distribution Panel: NEMA TYPE 3R rainproof
Battery Connection Box: NEMA TYPE 1
Distribution Panel: Class B
Distribution Panel with Battery Connection Box: Class A
Warranty 10 years