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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

Summit 19 Inch Wide Allergy-Free Refrigerator/General Purpose Refrigerator-Freezer Combination

by Summit
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Introducing the Summit AZRF7W, a revolutionary food storage solution ingeniously designed to meet the diverse needs of today's environments, including schools, daycare centers, offices, and homes, particularly those requiring specialized storage for allergy-sensitive foods alongside general food storage. This innovative unit ingeniously merges the functionality of a frost-free refrigerator-freezer with an all-refrigerator, all within a slim footprint that's ideal for spaces where efficiency and safety are paramount.

Key Features:

  • Dual Functionality in a Slim Design: The AZRF7W encompasses the 4.8 cu.ft. FF711ES refrigerator-freezer and the 1.7 cu.ft. FFAR23L all-refrigerator, stacked neatly using the StackRack. This combination offers a total storage solution without compromising space, delivered in one box and fully assembled for effortless setup.
  • Energy Efficient and Flexible Placement: The FF711ES refrigerator-freezer is ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring energy-efficient performance that's also kind on your utility bills. It boasts a textured white finish and reversible doors, offering added flexibility in placement and installation. The unit features dedicated storage zones with "General Freezer Storage Zone" and "General Storage Zone" decals for easy identification.
  • Secure and Specialized Storage: The FFAR23L all-refrigerator unit, mounted atop the refrigerator-freezer, includes a factory-installed lock for secure storage of allergy-sensitive items. It comes with an "Allergy-Free Storage Zone" decal and ten allergy-specific magnets, clearly marking it as a safe storage area for foods free from common allergens like shellfish, gluten, nuts, and more.
  • Optimized Internal Conditions: Both units are equipped with internal fans for consistent temperature management and dial thermostats to prevent accidental adjustments. The no-frost operation ensures minimal maintenance, while interior lighting enhances visibility, making organization and access to contents effortless.
  • Versatile Storage Solutions: Inside the FF711ES, you'll find door racks, a large crisper drawer for fresh produce, and adjustable shelves for customizable storage. The compact freezer section includes a removable shelf for added flexibility. The FFAR23L all-refrigerator features an adjustable wire shelf to accommodate various storage needs, ensuring both units cater to a wide array of food storage requirements.

The Summit AZRF7W is more than just a refrigerator; it's a comprehensive food storage solution designed with the needs of allergy-sensitive users in mind, without sacrificing the convenience and functionality necessary for general food storage. Its user-friendly features and efficient design make it an indispensable addition to any environment where health and safety are a priority.


  • Stacked Design: Summit FFAR23L all-refrigerator securely mounted on top of FF711ES refrigerator-freezer for versatile storage needs.
  • Compact Size: Ideal 19" width suitable for limited space settings.
  • Ready to Use: Ships fully assembled in one box for immediate convenience.
  • Energy Efficiency: The refrigerator-freezer unit is ENERGY STAR certified for economical and eco-friendly operation.
  • Maintenance-Free Operation: Automatic defrost in the all-refrigerator and frost-free in the refrigerator-freezer for easy upkeep.
  • Secure Storage: The all-refrigerator features a front-mounted lock for secure storage of sensitive items.
  • Allergy Awareness: Includes 10 allergy-specific magnets for clear identification of safe storage zones.
  • Temperature Control: Both units equipped with adjustable dial thermostats for custom temperature settings.
  • Versatile Shelving: Removable and adjustable wire shelving offers flexible storage solutions.
  • Convenient Door Storage: Refrigerator-freezer door designed to accommodate taller bottles and frequently used items.
  • Freshness Preservation: Refrigerator-freezer includes a crisper drawer for extending the life and taste of produce.
  • Clean Design: The all-refrigerator's sealed back facilitates easier cleaning and space saving.
  • Optimized Storage: Flat-door liner in the all-refrigerator enables deeper item storage and consistent temperature maintenance.
  • Installation Flexibility: Refrigerator-freezer doors are user-reversible for adaptability in various layouts.
  • Specialized Usage Stickers: Comes with stickers indicating zones for “ALLERGY-FREE REFRIGERATION,” “GENERAL FREEZER,” and “GENERAL STORAGE.”
  • Safety Equipped Power Cords: Hospital grade 'green dot' plug for the all-refrigerator and right-angle cord for the refrigerator-freezer enhance safety and save space.
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% CFC-free construction avoids ozone-depleting chemicals.
  • CARB Compliant: Uses eco-friendly hydrocarbon-based refrigerants, aligning with CARB regulations for reduced environmental impact.


LHD - Left hand door swing Latch - Factory-installed door latch requires manual release to open unit



See Owner's Manuals for full Specifications

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