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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

Asko Style 24 Inch Wide 17 Place Setting Built-In Top Control Dishwasher with Pocket Handle, XXL Tub, Water Softener, and Auto Door Open Drying™

by Asko
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The Asko Style Dishwasher, model DBI776IXXLSSOF, merges elegant design with cutting-edge functionality for the contemporary kitchen. This 24-inch wide, built-in dishwasher boasts a sleek pocket handle, offering a modern touch to any kitchen décor while ensuring easy access. It’s designed to accommodate up to 17 place settings within its spacious XXL Tub, making it an ideal solution for large households or those who frequently entertain guests. The inclusion of a water softener significantly enhances the machine's efficiency, preventing scale deposits and ensuring that your dishes are not only clean but also protected from the damaging effects of hard water. Additionally, the Auto Door Open Drying™ technology guarantees superior drying results by automatically opening the door at the end of the cycle, facilitating air circulation and moisture escape. This dishwasher is a testament to Asko's commitment to combining style, efficiency, and high capacity in kitchen appliances, making it a perfect addition to any modern home.


  • Accommodates 17 place settings
  • Easy to use touch controls for mode selection
  • Comes equipped with 14 wash cycles
  • Interior is constructed of durable stainless steel
  • Ultra-quiet operation rated at 39 dB is not disruptive
  • Interior LED lighting for better view of inside the dishwasher
  • 10 effective spray zones to ensure a totally clean load
  • Convenient push-to-open door for a minimalist look
  • Covered under a 2 year limited manufacturer warranty

Product Technologies:

  • Super Cleaning System+: Rinse the dishes. Clean the interior, including the filter. Choose the best program. How many steps is that? One – and it's called it the Super Cleaning System – or ASKO's best invention.
  • 8 Steel™: 8 Steel™ - more steel less plastic. No other material lasts as long as steel. And no other dishwashers have as many details made from steel instead of plastic as ASKO dishwashers. In fact, eight of the most important components in their dishwashers are made of high-quality steel rather than plastic: the container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet, and inner door. By using more steel and less plastic, they make their machines last longer.
  • Aqua Safe™ System: Do you hesitate to leave the dishwasher on while you are not at home? Aqua Safe™ system is an advanced safety system which ensures a leak-safe dishwasher day and night.
  • Turbo Combi Drying™ with Sensor Control: Turbo Combi Drying™ with sensor control This is our most advanced drying method. It is based on the same principles as Turbo Combi Drying, but the automatic door opening is regulated by a sensor that measures the temperature in your kitchen. If the kitchen is colder than normal, the door will open at a later stage. If it is warmer, the door opens earlier. This means that energy for drying is used more efficiently.
  • Status Light™: ASKO's new generation dishwashers have Status Light™ -a small light placed in the bottom right corner to let you know the actual status of the program
  • Flexiracks™: ASKO Flexiracks™ from sturdy, nylon coated steel and are easily adjustable in different heights depending on which type of load you have
  • LightLock™: Light plastic cans and bowls are easily flipped over and filled with water. The LightLock™ smart fixation helps them to retain their position throughout the program.
  • Auto Dose: The auto dosing compartment in our dishwashers stores up to 30 days' worth of detergent. This means you only need to fill it once a month. Just load your dishes, choose your program, and you're ready to go. Hassle-free, as it should be.
  • ConnectLife App: The ConnectLife app lets you control and monitor your ASKO dishwasher remotely via your smartphone or tablet. You can look up the online user manual, change settings, check the machine's status and more. You can even start, stop and pause programs on the move. The app includes a step-by-step guide to help you find the best programs for you depending on what you're washing and how you prefer to wash it.



Width 23 15/16''
Height 34 5/16''
Depth 21 13/16''
Maximum product height 36 3/8''
Length of electrical cord 71 7/16''
Depth with door open 48 7/16''
Length inlet hose 64 3/16''
Length outlet hose 90 9/16''

Technical Data

Water connection Hot&cold water
Adapter for water connection No
Max. temperature of inflow water 140 °F
Noise level (max) 39 DBA
Reference programme 1
Duration of standard programme 125 min
Estimated yearly energy consumption 220 kwh
Energy consumption - normal program 1 kwh
Estimated annual water consumption 647.5 gal
Water consumption 3 gal
Power consumption in standby mode 0.5 W
Plug type USA
Connected load 1300 W
Voltage (V) 120 V
Number of phases 1
Fuse 15 A
Frequency 60 Hz
Required inlet water pressure psi 0.03-1
Net weight 101.4 lb

Owner's Manuals

Product sheet
Instructions for use