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April promotion ending 30th
April promotion ending 30th

AIMS Power 1250 Watt Power Inverter 12 Volt with Features

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The AIMS 1250-Watt 12 Volt Power Inverter is a practical and efficient solution for converting DC power to AC electricity, making it a great fit for tiny homes, cabins, boats, and mobile businesses. It's designed for those who need reliable power in off-grid or mobile environments without access to city power.

Key Features:

  • Effective Power Conversion: This inverter adeptly turns 12-volt DC power from batteries into AC electricity, capable of running a wide array of household appliances and tools.

  • Modified Sine Wave Output: Produces a modified sine wave, ideal for most tools, pumps, motors, and appliances, ensuring broad compatibility for various power needs.

  • Versatile and Mobile-Friendly: Its capability to run on standard 12-volt systems in vehicles, RVs, and boats makes it highly attractive for mobile businesses, negating the need for vehicle power system modifications.

  • Eco-Friendly and Quiet Operation: The inverter operates with minimal noise and no pollution, making it an environmentally friendly choice that enhances customer experience in mobile settings.

  • Accessible AC Outlets and Surge Protection: Features two AC outlets with a maximum output of 1500 watts and a 200% surge capacity, ensuring safety and efficiency.

  • Advanced Safety Features: Equipped with over-temperature and overload LED indicators for safety, along with battery voltage and amperage meters to monitor energy consumption.

  • Efficient Cooling System: Includes dual cooling fans and over-temperature protection to prevent overheating, ensuring long-lasting and reliable operation.

The AIMS 1250-Watt 12 Volt Power Inverter is an ideal power source for those living in small spaces or on the move, offering a dependable, eco-friendly, and noise-free solution for various energy needs.



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