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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

EcoFlow RIVER 2+ 1*110W Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Elevate your outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness with the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station, a compact and lightweight solution for on-the-go power needs. Ideal for everything from boondocking to beachside BBQs, this power station is engineered to keep you connected and powered wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Lightweight: The RIVER 2 weighs just 3.5 kg, making it 30% lighter than its predecessor, and is small enough to carry easily on any outdoor adventure. Its travel-friendly design is perfect for anyone needing power in remote locations or small living spaces, like tiny homes.

  • Enhanced Power Output with X-Boost: With a standard output of 300W, this power station can be dialed up to 600W with EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, capable of running 99% of consumer electronics such as desktop computers or blenders.

  • Multiple Charging Ports: Equipped to power up to six devices simultaneously, the RIVER 2 features 2 pure sine wave AC outlets, 1 USB-C port, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 car charger outlet, catering to a variety of charging needs.

  • Long Battery Life and Safety: The use of LiFePO4 battery chemistry ensures over 3000+ full charging cycles and offers a reliable, durable, and safe power source. Coupled with a 5-year warranty, it provides peace of mind for long-term usage.

  • Ultra-Fast Charging Capability: RIVER 2 sets a new standard with its 5x faster charging technology, fully charging via an AC outlet in just 60 minutes. This feature ensures you’re quickly ready to go, making it highly efficient for frequent travelers.

  • Versatile Recharging Options: Besides AC charging, the RIVER 2 can be recharged using a car charger, solar panels, or even via a new USB-C port, offering flexibility in how and where you can recharge it.

  • Solar Compatibility: Pair it with the EcoFlow 110W Portable Solar Panel for an efficient and eco-friendly charging option, fully charging the power station in approximately 3 hours with optimal sunlight.

  • Fast Emergency Power Supply Switch: The RIVER 2 features an ultra-fast <30ms EPS auto-switch, ensuring your essential devices continue running without interruption during unexpected power outages.

  • Smart Control: Manage and monitor your power usage with the EcoFlow app, adjusting settings and charging speeds remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

  • Reliable Safety Features: With a robust BMS (Battery Management System), the RIVER 2 continuously monitors voltage, current, and temperature to protect your devices and extend the power station’s life.

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 is not just a power station; it's a versatile, reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts and a practical solution for those living in compact spaces seeking an efficient, portable power solution. Whether you're camping, traveling, or preparing for emergencies, the RIVER 2 meets your power needs effectively and safely.


EcoFlow - RIVER 2 Portable Power Station 

  • Ultra-Fast Charging: Charge from 0-100% in just 60 minutes using an AC outlet, which is five times faster than the industry standard and 38% faster than previous models.
  • Safe and Reliable: Over 3000 battery cycles ensure daily usability for nearly 10 years, with a reliable and efficient LFP battery that operates safely in high temperatures. Comes with one of the industry's longest warranties, covering 5 years.
  • Multiple Charging Options: Features four versatile charging methods: AC outlet, car charger, solar, and USB-C, allowing for convenient charging in various settings.
  • Powerful Output: Offers a 300W output, capable of running up to 99% of consumer electronics. Includes an X-Boost mode that can increase output to 600W to power larger appliances like desktop computers or blenders.
  • Portable and Quick Emergency Response: Lightweight at just 7.7 lbs and designed for easy carrying. Equipped with a 30ms switch-over mode for seamless power backup during unexpected outages.

EcoFlow - Foldable 110W Solar Panel 

  • Universal Generator Compatibility: Compatible with most solar generators on the market, including connectors for different models—MC4 to XT60 (80V max, 10A max) for DELTA portable generators, and MC4 to USB-C (25V max, 12A max) for RIVER 600 series portable generators.
  • High Efficiency Upgrade: Features the ability to chain up to four or more EcoFlow 110W solar panels together using the MC4 cable, enhancing efficiency compared to standard solar panels.
  • Portable and Adjustable: Equipped with a rubber handle and a foldable kickstand panel that allows angle adjustments from 0-180 degrees for optimal solar exposure.
  • Waterproof and Durable: Designed to be waterproof and durable, suitable for all weather conditions; can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes without any negative impact, making it ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Use: Ideal for outdoor activities like camping, climbing, hiking, and picnics due to its rugged design and portability.


EcoFlow - RIVER 2 Portable Power Station 


Product Name RIVER 2 Portable Power Station
Brand EcoFlow
Model Number ZMR600-US-NCBox
Color Black
Color Category Black


Amperage 2.5 amperes
Voltage Rating 120 volts
Sine Wave Inverter Yes
Rated Wattage Continuous 300 watts
Rated Wattage Peak 600 watts
Maximum Runtime At Full Load 0.85 hours
Maximum Battery Life 1500 hours
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Capacity 256 watt hours
Battery Charge Time 1 hour
Minimum Battery Charge Time (Solar) 2.5 hours
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Charging Interface(s) Other
Number Of Devices Charged Simultaneously 6
Integrated Solar Charge Controller Yes


Outlet Receptacle(s) USB-A Output, USB-C Input/Output, AC Output, Automobile Auxiliary Power Outlet DC Output
Control Panel Yes


Product Height 5.7 inches
Product Width 8.5 inches
Product Length 9.6 inches
Product Weight 7.58 pounds

Certifications & Listings

UL Listed Yes


Minimum Operating Temperature 32 degrees Fahrenheit
Maximum Operating Temperature 113 degrees Fahrenheit


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 5 Year Limited
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 5 Year Limited


EcoFlow - Foldable 110W Solar Panel


Product Name Foldable 110W Solar Panel
Brand EcoFlow
Model Number EFSOLAR110N
Color Black
Color Category Black


Wattage 110 watts
Voltage 18.5 volts
Amperage 6 amperes
Storage Battery Included No


Number Of Panels 4
Mount Type Freestanding, Roof, Stand, Vehicle
Solar Panel Design Foldable, Portable
Solar Panel Material Monocrystalline silicon panel
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP67


Voice Assistant Built-in No


Product Height 0.8 inches
Product Width 20.2 inches
Product Length 62.5 inches
Product Weight 8.8 pounds


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year Limited
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 Year Limited

Owner's Manual

Manual - EcoFlow RIVER 2
Manual - EcoFlow Solar Panel