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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

Asko Pull-Out Shelf for Laundry

by Asko
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Color: White

The Asko Pull-Out Shelf for Laundry, model HDB1153W, introduces a level of convenience and efficiency to the laundry process that is both innovative and space-saving. This pull-out shelf is ingeniously designed to fit seamlessly within Asko's laundry systems, providing an immediate, sturdy surface for folding clothes, pre-treating stains, or organizing laundry supplies. Its retractable nature ensures that it doesn't encroach upon valuable space when not in use, maintaining a tidy and clutter-free laundry area. The shelf's solid construction guarantees durability and a stable workspace, enhancing the functionality of any laundry routine. The HDB1153W exemplifies Asko's dedication to creating practical, user-friendly solutions that cater to the modern household's needs, making it an indispensable addition to your laundry room.



Height 5 7/8''
Width 23 7/16''

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