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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

Summit 19 Inch Wide Refrigerator-Freezer For Senior Living

by Summit
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The FF711ESAL from SUMMIT is specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of senior living facilities, providing an efficient and accessible refrigeration solution that is both ENERGY STAR certified and ADA compliant. Manufactured in North America, this 2-door refrigerator-freezer is designed with a focus on comfort and accessibility, making it an excellent choice for environments catering to individuals with mobility challenges.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The unit comes with an optional 12" high pedestal which can be installed to raise the refrigerator off the ground. This modification ensures that wheelchair users and individuals who find it difficult to bend can easily access the appliance.
  • Ergonomic Design: Equipped with two factory-installed stainless steel towel bar handles, the FF711ESAL provides a wide space for easy opening. These handles are particularly beneficial for users with arthritis or limited hand strength, as they eliminate the need to grip small openings.
  • Energy Efficiency: As part of SUMMIT's ENERGY STAR certified collection, the FF711ESAL operates with high energy efficiency, reducing electricity usage and utility costs while maintaining excellent refrigeration performance.
  • User-Friendly Features: The appliance boasts a frost-free operation system, minimizing the need for manual defrosting and maintenance. This feature is especially important in senior living facilities where ease of use is a priority.
  • Smart Interior Design: The refrigerator section offers ample storage with door racks, a large crisper drawer for fresh produce, adjustable shelves for customizable organization, and interior lighting to enhance visibility. The freezer compartment includes one removable shelf to accommodate various storage needs.
  • Intuitive Controls: A touch control panel inside the refrigerator allows for simple and precise temperature adjustments, ensuring food is kept at optimal conditions without the need for complicated settings.

The FF711ESAL is specifically tailored for senior living facilities, blending thoughtful design elements with advanced technology to create a refrigerator-freezer that is both easy to use and effective. Its white exterior finish ensures it fits seamlessly into any kitchen décor, while its ergonomic features support the independence and comfort of all users. With its combination of accessibility enhancements and energy-efficient performance, the FF711ESAL stands out as a prime choice for facilities prioritizing ease of use and sustainability.


  • Specially Designed for Senior Living: Sized and featured for easy use by individuals with mobility limitations.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified: Exceeds DOE efficiency standards, reducing energy usage and lowering utility costs.
  • CEE Tier II Qualified: Uses 25% less energy than required by DOE standards, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Pedestal Included: Comes with a 12" high steel pedestal to raise the refrigerator height, making it easier to access without bending.
  • Factory-Installed Towel Bar Handles: Curved, brushed stainless steel handles offer an easier grip, suitable for those with arthritis or joint conditions.
  • Frost-Free Operation: Provides no-frost convenience to minimize maintenance needs.
  • Thin-Line Design: Slim width under 19", ideal for fitting into space-constrained kitchens.
  • Clear Crisper: Convenient slide drawer to store greens, maximizing their lifespan and flavor.
  • Interior Light: Automatically illuminates upon door opening for better visibility inside.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Allows for flexible organization of space to accommodate various item sizes or for easier cleaning.
  • Full Freezer Shelf: Offers additional organization options in the freezer.
  • Door Storage: Convenient for storing tall bottles and condiments right on the door.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Features intuitive touch controls for straightforward temperature adjustments.
  • ADA Compliant: Meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act for accessibility.
  • Anti-Tip Bracket: Includes easy-to-install brackets to prevent the refrigerator from tipping over.
  • 100% CFC Free: Eco-friendly design, free from ozone-damaging chemicals.
  • CARB Compliant: Utilizes an eco-friendly hydrocarbon-based refrigerant, adhering to CARB regulations for a greener footprint.


CP Full-Length Copper Pipe Handles TBC Copper Towel Bar Handles
LLF2 - Combination lock
Alarm/Thermometer - Factory-installed alarm with external temperature readout LHD - Left hand door swing
Latch - Factory-installed door latch requires manual release to open unit



See Owner's Manuals for full Specifications

Owner's Manuals

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