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April promotion ending 30th
April promotion ending 30th

Summit 48 Inch Wide Mobile All-In-One Kitchenette, No Plumbing Needed

by Summit
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Summit's C48ELPUMPMB kitchenette revolutionizes the concept of the kitchen in spaces where traditional water lines are not available. Designed for versatility and portability, this 48-inch wide kitchenette unit brings the full functionality of a kitchen to efficiency housing, off-grid living areas, and temporary or basement kitchens without the need for conventional plumbing.

Key Features:

  • Portable Water Station: The kitchenette is uniquely equipped with the CKPUMPKIT, enabling the sink to be connected to a removable 5-gallon water jug for fresh water supply, and includes a 6-gallon waste water container, 110V water pump, and all necessary hardware and tubing for a no-plumbing sink installation.

  • Efficient Cooking and Refrigeration: Featuring two 115V coil elements, the cooktop allows for convenient stovetop heating and comes with a pre-installed 3-prong cord for easy setup. The unit includes the CT661W European refrigerator-freezer, offering 5.1 cu.ft. of storage space, adjustable glass shelves, door racks, a scalloped steel wine shelf, and a large crisper drawer, making it perfect for keeping produce fresh.

  • Designed for Mobility: With factory-installed casters, the C48ELPUMPMB can be easily moved as needed, while the front two casters have locks to ensure stability when in use. Its compact size, under 48 inches in width and 24 inches in depth, is ideal for smaller spaces, and the classic white cabinet finish with a durable stainless steel work surface and backguard adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Additional Storage Options: The kitchenette allows for further customization and storage solutions with the addition of the APSS48 appliance station shelf or a selection of wall cabinets, enhancing its utility and versatility.

  • Convenient Setup: Shipped on one pallet in three overboxed packages, including the kitchenette, refrigerator, and pump kit, setup is straightforward. Simply slide the refrigerator into place, install the pump kit, plug in the appliances, and enjoy a fully operational kitchen with no plumbing required.

The Summit C48ELPUMPMB kitchenette is a groundbreaking solution for those seeking the convenience of a full kitchen setup in spaces traditionally unsuitable for such installations. It offers an ingenious solution to the challenges of water access and mobility, ensuring that even in the most unconventional settings, the comfort and functionality of a home kitchen are within reach


  • Fully functioning one-piece kitchen designed for convenience and mobility, suitable for spaces without traditional plumbing.
  • Portable hand wash design: Mounted on a dolly with four casters (two of which lock) to enhance mobility and versatility in various settings.
  • No plumbing required: Enables the creation of a portable handwash station without needing a direct water line or drain.
  • Refrigerator-freezer: Comes with the SUMMIT CT661W model, featuring dual evaporator cooling, adjustable glass shelves, a crisper, and additional storage options.
  • Large refrigerator capacity: Provides over 5 cu.ft. of internal storage, including a compact freezer compartment for varied food preservation needs.
  • Water pump: A simple-to-install 110V pump system connects the included fresh water jug to the sink, ensuring water access without permanent installation.
  • Accommodates 2 5-gallon water jugs: The spacious cabinet can hold up to two standard 5-gallon water jugs, with one jug included in the kit.
  • 6-gallon waste container: Facilitates easy cleanup by connecting to the sink drain.
  • Complete hardware kit: The CKPUMPKIT includes all necessary components to set up the water jug and waste container with the sink.
  • Two electric burners: Features 120V coil elements for convenient cooking, with operational indicator lights and push-to-turn knobs for safety.
  • 115V operation: Both the cooktop and refrigerator come with pre-installed 3-prong cords for hassle-free setup.
  • One-piece stainless steel countertop: Offers a durable and attractive surface for food preparation and kitchen tasks.
  • Compact design: The kitchenette and its components are designed for efficiency, shipping on a single pallet and featuring a shallow depth of just 24 inches for an easy fit in smaller spaces.
  • Stainless steel backguard: A 4" high backguard not only enhances the unit's aesthetics but also provides added wall protection.
  • CARB Compliant: The refrigerator-freezer uses an eco-friendly hydrocarbon-based refrigerant, aligning with CARB regulations for a reduced environmental impact.
  • Optional storage solutions: Additional cabinets and a storage shelf, the APSS48 Appliance Station, are available to expand storage capacity, offered in various sizes and finishes.
  • 100% CFC free: Promotes an environmentally friendly approach by eliminating the use of ozone-damaging chemicals.


CKIND-Induction Cooktop


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