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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

Summit Compact All-Refrigerator

by Summit
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SUMMIT's FF29K model stands as an exemplar of compact refrigeration, designed to meet the needs of spaces where size and efficiency are paramount. This all-refrigerator unit is perfectly suited for countertop use, making it an ideal choice for hotels, dormitories, offices, or any setting requiring a small, efficient cooling solution.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: The FF29K boasts a sleek, jet black exterior that complements any decor, designed specifically for countertop placement. Its compact size ensures it fits seamlessly into small spaces, offering substantial cooling capacity without occupying extensive room.

  • Flexible Placement: Equipped with a user-reversible door, the refrigerator can be adjusted to open from either the left or the right, enhancing its placement flexibility and making it adaptable to various layout constraints.

  • Low Maintenance: Featuring automatic defrost, this refrigerator minimizes the need for manual maintenance, allowing for hassle-free operation. The seamless interior liner further facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring that upkeep is as straightforward as possible.

  • Efficient Storage Solutions: Inside the FF29K, adjustable glass shelves provide secure, spill-proof storage for a variety of items, while door racks are conveniently sized to hold tall bottles and other large items, maximizing space utilization.

  • Ideal for Various Settings: With its compact dimensions and robust functionality, the FF29K is perfectly suited for use in a range of environments, including hotels, dorm rooms, and office spaces, where quality cooling is needed in a compact form.

The FF29K is more than just a small refrigerator; it is a versatile appliance designed to offer reliable refrigeration in compact environments, ensuring that space limitations never compromise performance. Whether used in a personal dorm room, a busy office, or a guest room in a hotel, the FF29K provides effective cooling in a discreet package.


  • Fully finished black cabinet allows the refrigerator to be used freestanding, enhancing placement flexibility.
  • Compact dimensions with a slim width and depth make it ideal for easy placement above or below the counter, optimizing space utilization.
  • Automatic defrost system reduces user maintenance by preventing ice buildup, ensuring effortless operation.
  • One-piece interior liner designed for easy cleanup, featuring a seamless surface that prevents messes in hidden crevices.
  • Door shelves conveniently store large bottles right on the door, providing easy access and efficient use of space.
  • Adjustable glass shelves offer the flexibility to rearrange your refrigerator space to accommodate all shapes and sizes, or remove them for straightforward cleaning.
  • Reversible door can be easily switched to open from either side, providing versatility in changing layouts and installations.
  • Adjustable thermostat allows for easy and accurate management of the interior temperature, ensuring your items are kept at ideal conditions.
  • 100% CFC free, supporting an environmentally friendly design that does not contain ozone-damaging chemicals.
  • CARB Compliant, utilizing an eco-friendly hydrocarbon-based refrigerant to ensure a greener footprint and compliance with current regulations.


L-SideLock AC Keypad - AC powered keypad lock
KEYPAD - Battery-powered keypad door lock
FA Front - Fan assist FA Rear - Fan assist
HG - Hospital grade cord Latch - Factory-installed door latch requires manual release to open unit
LHD - Left hand door swing SCD - Self-closing door
Alarm/Thermometer - Factory-installed alarm with external temperature readout DT - Digital thermostat
PH - Probe Hole DL2B - Factory installed NIST calibrated digital data logger (DDL)
FC - Internal Fan FCGP internal fan with gel packs
TBC Copper Towel Bar Handle CP Full-Length Copper Pipe Handle



See Owner's Manuals for full Specifications

Owner's Manuals

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