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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

Summit Shallow Depth 24 Inch Wide Outdoor Built-In All-Refrigerator With Slide-Out Storage Compartment

by Summit
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Summit's SPR196OS24 model elevates the convenience and style of built-in undercounter refrigeration, blending sophisticated design with functional innovations suited for residential settings. This ENERGY STAR certified unit is crafted for seamless integration under counters with its front-breathing system, and it sports a fully finished stainless steel wrapped cabinet that also allows for freestanding use, making it highly versatile.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Elegant Design: Sized at just 24 inches wide and 17.25 inches deep, the SPR196OS24 is designed to fit neatly under countertops or stand alone in any residential space. The sleek stainless steel door and drawer front, adorned with professional-style handles, add a touch of modern elegance to any setting.

  • Enhanced Security and Installation Flexibility: A factory-installed lock secures the refrigeration compartment, providing peace of mind. The unit also features a space-saving right-angle plug and integrated hinge for added installation flexibility, while leveling legs ensure stability on uneven surfaces.

  • Innovative Storage Solutions: This model includes a non-refrigerated pull-out storage compartment in stainless steel, perfect for storing non-heat sensitive items like glassware and sealed foods. Adjustable stainless steel full-width shelves, along with three two-prong peg hooks for hanging utensils and a slotted cabinet top for suspending glasses, enhance its storage capabilities.

  • Optimized Refrigeration Technology: The refrigerated compartment is equipped with an internal fan for even cooling from top to bottom. Automatic defrost ensures minimal maintenance, and LED lighting illuminates the jet black interior, making it easy to locate stored items. Three adjustable slide-out glass shelves offer flexible storage options, and a shelving brake system adds safety during use.

  • Convenient Access and Temperature Control: Two chrome door racks provide additional storage for condiments and beverages. The unit's dial thermostat, with seven temperature settings, is strategically located in the front upper-right corner for straightforward temperature management.

  • Space-Saving and Practical: With its shallow depth, the SPR196OS24 is particularly suited for home bars or other areas where space is a premium. It combines stylish design with practical features, making it an indispensable addition to modern homes.

  • Outdoor Compatible Model Available: For those looking for a similar design that is suitable for outdoor use, Summit offers the SPR196OS24, ensuring that there is a model to meet every need.

Summit's SPR196OS24 undercounter refrigerator is more than just a storage solution; it's a statement of luxury and functionality, designed to enhance the convenience and aesthetic of any modern residential space. Whether installed in a home bar, kitchen, or entertainment area, it promises to deliver performance, style, and versatility.


  • All-refrigerator specifically designed for maximum storage convenience in a slim, shallow fit, ideal for limited space environments like home wet bars and island kitchens.
  • Weatherproof design approved for outdoor use, featuring a durable stainless steel door that stands up to the elements.
  • 17.25" shallow depth makes it suitable for places with limited footprint space, enhancing flexibility in installation.
  • Complete stainless steel construction of the cabinet, kickplate, and exterior front provides an elegant and durable finish.
  • Includes a non-refrigerated pull-out side compartment for storing non-heat sensitive items such as glassware, cooking utensils, and sealed, shelf-stable foods.
  • Vinyl outdoor cover included to protect the unit against the elements when not in use, adding convenience for outdoor applications.
  • Factory-installed lock for added security, with two keys included, ensuring safety of contents.
  • Professional stainless steel handles on both compartments for a stylish and functional touch.
  • Stainless steel shelves in the side compartment are adjustable, offering full-width storage that is convenient and adaptable.
  • Three peg hooks in the side compartment are adjustable two-prong hooks, perfect for hanging cooking utensils, washcloths, and other lightweight items.
  • Wine glass storage within the side compartment features slide-out slots that can suspend up to three slim wine or champagne glasses.
  • Automatic defrost system reduces user maintenance by preventing ice build-up.
  • Adjustable interior shelves made of glass with a brake system ensure safe and optimal storage.
  • Door racks include two chrome racks that can accommodate various item sizes for optimal storage.
  • LED lighting in the unit automatically illuminates upon door opening, providing an attractive and energy-efficient interior view.
  • Black interior finish allows for easy cleaning and efficient organization within the unit.
  • Adjustable thermostat with seven temperature settings for easy and precise temperature management.
  • Sealed back design enhances space efficiency and ease of cleaning, and provides added protection from outdoor elements.
  • Fully finished stainless steel cabinet allows the unit to be used freestanding, offering greater flexibility in placement.
  • Right-angle plug provides additional flexibility in unit placement without needing extra depth.
  • 100% CFC free, supporting an environmentally friendly design that does not contain ozone-damaging chemicals.
  • CARB Compliant, using an eco-friendly hydrocarbon-based refrigerant, ensuring a greener footprint and compliance with current regulations.


See Owner's Manuals for full Specifications

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