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Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space
Find everything you need for your Tiny Home or Small Space

Summit 24 Inch Built-In Dual-Zone Produce Refrigerator, ADA Compliant

by Summit
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Summit's ALFD24WBVPANTRY introduces a groundbreaking approach to in-home produce storage, offering a dual-zone refrigerator that harmonizes with both standard and ADA-compliant counter heights. This innovative appliance not only caters to the unique storage needs of various food items but does so with a stylish design and thoughtful engineering.

Key Features:

  • Dual-Zone Temperature Control: The ALFD24WBVPANTRY is ingeniously designed with two temperature zones. The left Cold Zone, set between 36-43°F, is perfect for storing cheeses, meats, and cooler-temperature produce, offering a slightly warmer environment than traditional refrigeration. The right Pantry Zone, with a range of 41-68°F, is ideally calibrated for the storage of fresh produce that thrives in warmer conditions.

  • Sophisticated Design: Sized at a convenient 24" width and a height of 32" (adjustable up to 33.5"), this unit features French doors with double pane tempered glass, framed in seamless stainless steel. Pro style handles and front locks enhance security without compromising style, while the unit's stainless steel construction promises longevity and aesthetic appeal.

  • Versatile Installation and Use: Whether integrated into cabinetry or standing alone, the ALFD24WBVPANTRY's front-breathing system and fully finished stainless steel exterior offer flexibility in installation. Adjustable leveling legs and a kickplate extender facilitate a seamless fit under various counter heights.

  • Innovative Storage Solutions: Adjustable glass shelves and pull-out wire baskets provide versatile, spill-proof storage options. Clearly marked zones and a detailed pantry storage guide offer recommendations for optimal food preservation.

  • User-Friendly Features: Digital controls allow easy temperature management, complemented by internal fans for uniform cooling. LED lighting, automatic defrost, audible alarms, temperature memory function, and Sabbath mode underscore the unit's advanced technology and convenience.

  • Enhanced Humidity Control: Two octagonal trays are included to increase humidity levels within the unit as needed, further extending the freshness and taste of stored produce.

Summit's ALFD24WBVPANTRY redefines the possibilities for kitchen storage, merging luxury design with practical functionality. Its specialized compartments offer a tailored environment for a wide range of food items, ensuring optimal freshness and extending shelf life. Perfect for households seeking an upscale, efficient solution to produce storage, this model represents the pinnacle of innovation in kitchen appliances.


  • Dual-zone design: Optimizes storage conditions for various foods with separate temperature zones.
  • Built-in capable: Enables under-counter installation to save space.
  • ADA compliant: Meets requirements for accessibility under lower ADA compliant counters.
  • Height adjustable: Leveling legs adjust up to 33.5" for standard counter alignment.
  • Cold Zone: Offers a cooler temperature range (36-43°F) for meats, cheeses, and produce.
  • Pantry Zone: Warmer temperature range (41-68°F) suitable for certain produce.
  • Seamless stainless steel trim: Elegant 304 grade stainless steel frames the glass.
  • Digital thermostats: Allows separate control of temperature zones, with display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Factory installed locks: Provides optional security with keyed locks on each door.
  • Adjustable wire baskets: Two removable baskets in the Pantry Zone for convenient storage.
  • Adjustable glass shelves: Easy-to-clean, spill-proof shelves in the Cold Zone.
  • Humidity trays: Includes two trays to adjust humidity levels, dishwasher safe for cleaning.
  • LED lighting: Energy-efficient lighting enhances visibility and presentation.
  • Automatic defrost: Minimizes maintenance with automatic defrosting.
  • Fan-forced cooling: Ensures even cooling throughout both zones.
  • French door swing: Elegant side-by-side door design for easy access.
  • High temperature alarm: Alerts audibly if temperature exceeds recommended range.
  • Open door alarm: Sounds if doors are left ajar for more than 60 seconds.
  • Sabbath mode: Disables electrical functions temporarily for observance periods.
  • Temperature memory function: Retains settings after power restoration.
  • Usage stickers: Includes labels for "COLD ZONE," "PANTRY ZONE," and storage recommendations.
  • Pantry storage booklet: Offers guidance on proper produce storage.
  • Stainless steel kickplate: Enhances the unit's professional appearance.
  • Right angle cord: For flush wall socket installation without extra space.
  • Sealed back: Promotes easier cleaning and a sleek design.
  • Integrated hinge: Maintains height for easy under-counter installation.
  • Kickplate extender: Extra piece covers legs if unit's height is increased.
  • Fully finished stainless steel cabinet: Enables freestanding use.
  • 100% CFC free: Eco-friendly design without harmful chemicals.
  • CARB Compliant: Uses eco-friendly refrigerant for a reduced environmental impact.


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See Owner's Manuals for full Specifications

Owner's Manuals

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